The publishing company Alternativa s.r.o. was founded in 1993. It specializes in literature in the area of alternative medicine, homeopathy, philosophy and spirituality. During its more than 20 year old existence it has published many books in the wide area of alternative medicine and spirituality, however, it focuses in the first place on publishing professional homeopathic literature. Today, the books published by Alternativa form the basis of libraries of most of the Czech homeopaths. Its e-shop became the major provider of professional homeopathic literature in the Czech and the Slovak Republics.

Already in 1993, Alternativa organised in cooperation with the London Faculty of Homeopathy education programs for physicians and in 1996, when the Homeopathic Academy was founded, a three year education program in homeopathy was initiated, which is open to all who are interested in this field. The teachers are leading Czech practitioners and also well-known international homeopaths, for example from Great Britain, Germany, India, the Netherlands, USA and Austria.

Alternativa developed the first Czech homeopathic computer software KENT and more recently the modern software HOMEO, which draws from the large quantity of homeopathic literature translated by Alternativa into Czech (approx. 10 000 pages). In the past, it published the magazine Homeopatie and administers the largest homeopathic web in the Czech Republic www.homeopatie.cz.

Since 2002, Alternativa organises activities in the area of autopathy, a new holistic healing method developed from homeopathy.